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Temperature: More Neutral
L+D: 3
Base: More Neutral Yellow & Green
Contains a small amount of red
Inorganic & Organic
Skin types: A good color for most Fitzpatrick III-V skin types.
Lighten with: Lighten with Sahara, Brève, Crème Latte or Lighten Up.
Darken with: Add Ebony Brown, Cocoa or Navajo Brown to darken as needed.
Favorite Combos: Add Auburn as needed for dark auburn brows.

A well balanced universal medium brown color. A stand-alone; great right out of the bottle color. A very popular eyebrow color. For additional warmth add Grey Vanish, 24 Carat Mod, Beautiful Blonde or Autumn Gold. Add Olive Mod or Espresso to add coolness.


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