Biotek Praktika Kit

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The Kit contains:

  • Stilus Evo Machine
  • Digital Console
  • Power Supply 115-230 V
  • On-off Pedal
  • Connecting cable
  • Magnetic machine support
  • Use and maintenance manual
  • 12 months international warranty
  • CE Certification.

Supplied in a black standard case.

Stilus EVO is the most sophisticated dermograph with the highest performances across the range of Biotek Permanent Make-up devices. Easy to handle and to use, it is designed to assure versatility to professionals, giving more dynamism and flexibility, adapting to every manuality. The combination of technology, high-tech materials, compact size and lightness make Stilus EVO unique.

Intelligent menu

Thanks to the display and multifunction menu, which allows a wide range of configurations, Stilus EVO guarantees always the right answer.

The digital menu will guide you among various applications optimizing specific functions for both permanent make-up and medical procedures.

The intelligent and multifunction menu Evo includes setted parameters for the realization of a perfect Permanent Make Up, such as: thin, strong and hair by hair line, thin and strong shadings and filling treatments.

The medical menu will help you in the realization of treatments like the reproduction of areola-nipple group or the scars filling.

Who it is designed for?

The sophisticated technology of Stilus EVO will allow you to have the maximum of power available on the market. It automatically adapts itself to the skin’s resistance. It will be delicate as silk on your customer guaranteeing a painless treatment.

If you want a machine for thin and delicate skin, Pluma is the right partner for Stilus.

It is perfect for eyes and lips treatment on thin skin. It is delicate like a feather on your customer’s skin.

Biotek Praktika Kit
Biotek Praktika Kit
Biotek Praktika Kit
Biotek Praktika Kit
Biotek Praktika Kit
Biotek Praktika Kit