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Temperature: Extremely Warm
L+D: 4
Base: Red & Orange
Skin types: Can also be used on Fitzpatrick IV-V to obtain a light chocolate color.
Lighten with: Lighten with Brève, Beautiful Blonde or Autumn Gold.
Darken with: Darken with Cocoa, Dark Toffee or Ebony Brown (in small amounts).
Favorite Combos: Blend with Sahara for a light strawberry blonde.

A beautiful auburn eyebrow color that ages well. Blend with Autumn Gold for a medium strawberry blonde. Blend with Hazelnut for a medium to dark Auburn. Blend with any eyebrow color to add warmth. Pigments with a strong red base is not recommended on ruddy skin types as it could produce unfavorable results.

Note of Caution: Caution is advised when using Auburn alone.


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